Yael Bartana:

2020-21 — Poster Design
STUDIO BERLIN, Berghain, Berlin
Jewish Museum Berlin
DIN A1 Poster

The Abracadabra spell was used throughout history in magical gestures and performances. The mysterious term “Abracadabra” first appears in the writings of Serenus Sammonicus, a medical savant who served as physician to several Roman Emperors. In his book, Liber Medicinalis, Sammonicus suggests a literary amulet against fever and malaria: the word “Abracadabra” written in the form of a triangle. Though the etymological origin of the word is unclear, it may well have derived from the Hebrew “Evra KeDavra”, literally meaning “I shall create with the use of speech”, a reference to the creation of the world, accomplished – as described in the Hebrew Bible – merely through the use of words.