Eliyahu Fatal:
Since Then, Measurements have Begun

 Visual identity and space design, 2020. MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, Israel 
Exhibition curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman

Bat Yam Museum of Art is a Brutalist floating pavilion, built in 1961. In its original design, the museum ground floor was free of walls, enabling the spectator a free wide vision. The inner-circle was enclosed with glass, which transparency undermined the distinction between interior and exterior. During the 1990s the pavilion’s exterior walls were closed, internal partitions were built on the top floor, and it’s windows were sealed.

In his exhibition “Since Then, Measurements have Begun”, Eliyahu Fatal delves into the inseparable link between interior and exterior. His first move was to clear the obstructions: he tore down many of the dry board partitions on the top floor and reopened the windows.

🍒 Collaboration with Ohad Hadad

Following Fatal’s artistic concepts, the exhibition design emphasizes the tension between interior and exterior, using a “void” pattern of neon-poster all over the museum walls. The neon-green pattern filling the posters was then used for the exhibition booklet, in variable resolutions.