Roee Rosen:
Kafka For Kids

2022 — Poster Design
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Viennale International Film Festival
Tel aviv museum of art
DIN A1 Poster

Poster design for a Roee Rosen’s feature-length film, which retells Kafka’s classic story “The Metamorphosis”. Kafka for Kids takes the shape of a musical storytelling, set to be the pilot episode for a television series that aims to make Kafka’s tales palpable for toddlers.

An unnamed grandparent figure reads the story to a child in the magical story-house, surrounded by characters like Ms. Lamp, Mr. Table and The Bearer of Bad News. These friends narrate the tale and perform the film’s songs, while accompanied by a toy orchestra. Telling this story to a child is juxtaposed with reflections on how central law was in Kafka’s literature and life. Thus certain questions arise on both an emotional and imaginary level, as well as on a legal and political one. What is a child? Until when does a child remain a child? The film itself goes through its own metamorphosis which leads to an examination of the legal intricacies through which the military law in the occupied territories defines childhood. But even these harsh documentary materials are mixed with the personal and the erotic.