Mamman Sani & Tropikal Camel

Record Design. Batov Records (UK), 2024

Mamman Sani’s electronic organ music, first recorded in 1978, made him a national hero in Niger, led to him writing the Niger’s new national anthem, and has long been cherished by aficionados for its unique blend of traditional Nigerien melodies and synth experimentation. Mamman’s music embodies a sense of intimacy, echoing the presence of a solo artist in the room with the listener.

Both Mamman Sani and Tropikal Camel draw from rich and diverse cultural backgrounds, creating a dialogue of cultural exchange and mutual respect. Mamman’s heritage, with roots in the Hausa and Touareg tribes, intersects with Tropikal Camel’s North African and Arabic influences, informed by his own search for a lost Arab Jewish musical language, being an Israeli with roots in Morocco and Kurdistan.

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