Eliyahu Fatal:
Since Then, Measurements Have Begun

2021 — Book Design
MoBY: Museum of Bat Yam, Israel
Curated by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman
Soft Cover, 11,5×19 cm, 352 pp.

“A small book that asks to be carried in the back pocket of one’s jeans or jacket, to be thrown in a bag, to be read, growing tattered or stained. The book offers an extension of the exhibition as a live event, an agora which generates a visual or textual discussion at a particular moment. We tried to think of it not as a means of documenting the exhibition, but rather as its reactivation within a sphere in which one can browse through the pages. A sphere that allows for an intimate experience of observation and reading, and which takes into consideration the habit of observing images and texts on a cellular phone – the pocket resident of the present time.” (Hila Cohen-Schneiderman) 

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