Eitan Ben Moshe:
Albino Heart

2022 — Book Design
Sternthal Books
Hardcover, 16,5x25 cm, 192 pp.

Albino Heart is an artist book by Eitan Ben Moshe which presents light boxes, wall reliefs, and Blossom sculptures. The first half of the book is in Black and White, showing us a ‘whitened world’, as if the world had been overtaken by ice, the sculptures appear as the wreckage of civilization made of abandoned and broken objects, as if after a cataclysmic event of apocalyptic dimensions. The second part of the book is in color, with the curatorial texts in the middle of the edition.
        In certain regions in Africa, especially in Tanzania and Nigeria, albinos are persecuted because of the superstition that they are bewitched. In some cultures in West Africa, albinos’ eyes, which are very sensitive to sunlight, are believed to have prophetic abilities and extrasensory perception. The book’s title, as well as the exhibited works, allude to Zen-like parables (koans), having elusive and sometimes contradictory meanings.

🌝 Photography by Liat Elbling
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